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Private Banking at Eurobank Cyprus is an integral part of a powerful financial network, with long term experience and an established presence internationally, as well as, in Greece and Cyprus.

Our philosophy is to establish and maintain long relationship of trust with you, based on professionalism and discretion. For us, every client is unique, with different objectives and goals. In a perpetual mode, your financial advisor will assist you in identifying, understanding and fulfilling your personal and family needs in addition to your day to day financial requirements.

Our competitive advantage is the unparalleled knowledge and experience of our people. Along with our highly selective hiring process, our people are continuously upgrading their skills through continuous training and specialization in their areas of expertise.

The quality of our services, our technical know-how and our innovative products, as well as, our culture of professionalism, trustworthiness and discretion, have been the basic elements of our continued success.

Total Wealth Management Services

Our mission is to offer comprehensive services for the management of your assets (Total Wealth Management), so as to  strengthen your quality of life.

This is achieved through three basic services:

  • Banking Services. Through easy-to-use transaction networks, modern credit tools and flexible accounts we make your life, and your daily transactions easier.

  • Investment Services. We offer you the technical know-how and the extensive experience of our specialists, as well as, access to services and products that cover the entire range of investment solutions on an international scale, in order to maximize your assets.
  • The array of our investment services offer clients access to the entire range of investment solutions on an international scale including:

    • Equity markets in Cyprus, Greece and all major international stock exchanges

    • Fixed Income (sovereign and corporate) Bonds

    • Mutual Funds

    • Alternative Investments
    • Structured products
    • Derivative produc
    • CFDs

  • Wealth Management Services. We offer you specialized solutions that can finance your personal needs, real estate, leisure boats, and works of art purchases, so that you are able to secure your own, as well as, your family’s future.

Our mission is achieved with the collaboration of all business units and subsidiaries of the Eurobank Group, as well as, with prominent international investment firms, which allow us to fully cover all your financial and credit needs.

We invite you to experience the world of Eurobank Private Banking, the most personalised banking service based on trust, confidentiality and professionalism between you and your financial advisor. 

The European Parliament and Council adopted the Directive 2004/39/EU, dated 21 April 2004, on markets in Financial Instruments (the MiFID), which has come into effect as from 1/11/2007 and deems to regulate the markets of financial instruments for provision of investment services and activities within the European Economic Area (EEA).  The Directive has also been adobted in Cyprus (N44(I)/2007).

In line with MiFID requirements and the legal framework in Cyprus, Eurobank Cyprus, has adopted appropriate policies and procedures, which, along with other important information for the investor, are outlined in the document

Information on Investment Services and Financial Instruments.


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