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Cyprus has emerged as an ideal location for International Businesses, mostly due to the ample benefits it offers to companies desiring to expand their activities. A full member of the European Union since 2004, Cyprus provides world-class services and excellent infrastructure that help facilitate the growth of International Businesses.

Over the years, Cyprus has attracted a substantial number of international companies due to the favourable business conditions the island provides. The lowest corporate tax rate in the EU, the wide range of double taxation treaties, the sophisticated financial services and the strategic geographical location at the crossroads of three continents are further reasons which have helped Cyprus become a reputable international business centre. Additionally, the multi-lingual and highly educated work force and the abundance of well trained financial, legal and IT consultants allow businesses to flourish.

With its high standard of living, excellent communication system, advanced transport and mild climate, Cyprus excels as a prime business location. This “one-stop-shop” for International Businesses serves as an important hub for investors in Central and Eastern Europe and has become the perfect bridge with the Middle East.


Eurobank Cyprus has become a key local player in this important financial centre and it focuses, among others, on International Business Banking. Eurobank Cyprus is a crucial ally in accomplishing the clients’ financial and business objectives, offering superior service that is timely, flexible and customized.

The touchstone of Eurobank Cyprus’ success is the commitment to Relationship Management. The Bank’s professionals are carefully selected for their deep knowledge of the marketplace and enhance their skills through continuous training. They offer high quality, quick, discrete and well-thought out solutions to their clients and act as a liaison between the client and the specialised units of the Bank.

The goal of Eurobank Cyprus is to be the bank of first choice in Cyprus for International Business Companies offering quality, innovation and incomparable high-calibre service.


  • Quality

  • Trust

  • Effectiveness

  • Creativity

  • Respect of Human Capital

  • Integrity

  • Flexibility

  • Professionalism

  • Discretion


International Business Banking is one of the core businesses that Eurobank Cyprus specialises in. The Bank has established banking centres in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos, with the intention of further expanding its network. Moreover, the Eurobank Group operates a Representative Office in Moscow that aims to provide information about the Group and offer assistance to business people interested in establishing business activities in Russia, Cyprus, or elsewhere that the Group has presence.

The Bank’s staff is well qualified and highly experienced and they facilitate the offering of quality, efficient and professional service to clients.

Each International Business Banking Client is assigned a Relationship Manager who acts as a facilitator and liaison, enabling the client’s business to access a full-range of products and services.



  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Certificate of incorporation

  • Certificate of shareholders

  • Certificate of directors and secretary

  • Certificate of address of the company’s registered office

  • Copy of Identity Cards/Passports and utility bills of the company’s Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s), Director(s), Secretary and Shareholder(s)


  • Application to open bank account

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Fax Indemnity

  • Board Resolution

  • Specimen Signatures

  • Declaration/undertaking issued by the Nominee and/or Introducer


The above are required for companies registered in Cyprus. For companies incorporated in foreign jurisdictions, the following may be additionally required:

  • Minutes of the first meeting of the directors that indicate the shareholders

  • Minutes of the first meeting of the subscribers to the shares that appoint the company’s officers (directors and secretary where applicable) and registered office, along with subsequent appointments of company officers

  • If the company has issued bearer shares, the share certificates must be kept by the bank


Deposit Accounts

  • Current accounts

  • Notice Accounts

  • Fixed deposits

  • Cash management services

Trade Finance Facilities

  • Letters of credit

  • Letters of guarantee
  • Bills for collection

Fund Transfers


  • Bank Drafts

Credit Facilities

  • Short and long term facilities in all major currencies

Credit Cards

  • Credit cards in EUR


  • Robust electronic banking system

Treasury Products

  • Foreign exchange

  • Forward contracts

  • Derivative products
  • Hedging Strategies


High Calibre Professionals - Relationship Managers with vast knowledge and extensive experience in international companies and transactions

Quality of Service -  Personal and proactive service, committed to clients’ interests and distinguished by trust and strict confidence

Breadth of Customised Solutions - Innovative products and services that fulfil customer needs

Access to products and services abroad - Client services through the Group’s network in Cyprus, Greece and abroad

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