3DS - Eurobank CY Cards Authenticator

“Eurobank CY Cards Authenticator” fulfills the criteria for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) that the revised EU PSD2 regulation requires, by utilizing the Biometric data of your mobile phone or a dedicated PIN number that the customer will set upon registration.

With this application, Eurobank Cyprus’ customers can authenticate e-commerce transactions in a secure manner, by just viewing and accepting the Push notification that will be sent by the Bank to the application.
The application is provided by the bank free of charge and is applicable for both iOS and Android phones and can be found at Apple and Play stores respectively.

Information on how to seamlessly download and register to the Eurobank CY Cards Authenticator for Android and iPhone can be found here.

Usage of the application requires either Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection.

Should you require any further information or clarifications regarding the “Eurobank CY Cards Authenticator” service, you may contact us at 80088822, +357 22 208000 (Из-за границы)

Note: Our Privacy Policy in relation to the mobile application of Eurobank Cyprus Limited can be found here

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