Online access to your
wealth portfolio

A secure portal for gaining full access and obtaining holistic control of your investment portfolios with our Bank.

Anywhere in the world. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Client Dashboard

  • Access to consolidated views with full details of your investment portfolios with our Bank through a single client portal

Insightful Analytics

  • Access detailed analysis and interactive views of your investment security positions (assets) and investment account balances for each selected investment portfolio
  • Exceptional analysis of your investment positions, with advanced functionalities and detailed views (by asset class/region/sector/by currency)
  • Full transactional history of investment portfolio related transactions: all operational history and account movements to include buy/sell transactions, income distributions, fee details, etc.
  • Future cash flow analysis: includes expectations for future cash inflows and outflows which includes expected future fixed income coupon payments, cash inflows from bond maturities, etc.
  • Investment Performance: Detailed analysis of the investment performance of your portfolio (for any selected time period) and additional views according to the selected investment service (e.g. portfolio performance contribution analysis for all investment service portfolios, portfolio attribution analysis versus assigned benchmarks for discretionary portfolio management portfolios)
  • Fees page: includes analysis of transactional & periodic out-of-pocket fees as well as product inherent fees (for any selected time period)
  • Compliance page: check how your portfolio is aligned with your risk profile and investment objectives (applicable for advisory & discretionary portfolios)

Investment Orders

  • Place real-time buy and sell orders for your execution and/or advisory portfolios in various financial instruments including stocks, ETFs, bonds and mutual funds 24 hours a day
  • View order status details

Managed & Advised Services

  • Submit to the Bank your Investor Profile Questionnaire which indicates the particular portfolio s investment objectives & risk profile
  • Investment Profile: View your investment profile/strategy (applicable for advisory & discretionary portfolios)
  • View & validate our investment proposals for advisory portfolios and access previous proposals in pdf downloadable format


  • All your investment-related documents in one place
  • Keep record of your completed MiFID Knowledge & Experience and Investor Profile Questionnaires answers in pdf downloadable format
  • View order status details

What can you do with Eurobank’s
Wealth Portal?

A digital solution that enables you to monitor and manage effectively your investment portfolio with our Bank.

Client Analysis

Monitor any personal and related portfolios

Portfolio Analysis

View details of investment assets/security positions of all linked investment portfolios and download positions in csv & pdf format

Secure investment orders

Gives you market access for placing stocks, ETFs, bonds and mutual funds


Access and download various reports related to your investments portfolios in pdf format

Other functionalities

Market Information on major stock indices and currency pairs

Who is a subscriber for
the Wealth Portal?

All Wealth Management Investment clients may obtain access to our Wealth Portal.

New Customers

All new customers may apply for gaining access to our portal as part of the investment portfolio opening process.

Existing/Legacy Users

All existing users with active e-banking user ID may apply for access. Full instructions for activation will be sent.

Start with the basics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Wealth Portal

  • The platform is available only through a Web Browser. There is no mobile application available yet. The link is given below and can also be accessed by clicking on the button ‘Login’ on the page above.
  • After you go to the Login page, you need your ebanking/digital banking User ID and password as well as your registered Mobile Device to confirm the Push Notification.
  • You have to self-register first for gaining access to the Digital Banking Access. Afterwards, you will be able to access the Wealth Portal.
  • Please follow the instructions on the link below (please refer to the first FAQ) for self-registering in the Digital Banking Access
  • Please contact your Wealth Relationship Manager for guidance and assistance if needed
  • Your user ID is the same as the digital banking user ID. In case you forgot your user ID, please follow the instructions on the link below (please refer to the relevant FAQ) for retrieving your user ID
  • Please contact your Wealth Relationship Manager for guidance and assistance if needed
  • Your password is the same as the digital banking password. In case you forgot the password, please follow the instructions on the link below (please refer to the relevant FAQ) for resetting your password
  • Please contact your Wealth Relationship Manager for guidance and assistance if needed
  • You should be able to view in the Client Portal Dashboard all the investment portfolios which are either your own (personal or joint personal), or for which you have an assigned investment role (as per the resolution documents which have been provided to the Bank)
  • In case you cannot see these portfolios (and the correct investment role), please contact your Wealth Relationship Manager
  • Please refer to this website to see what functionalities can be performed through the Wealth client platform
  • Your assigned Wealth Relationship Manager will be able to assist and take you through the functionalities of the platform to assist you with gaining the necessary confidence for fully utilizing the capabilities of this platform and gain autonomy as regards to the management of your investment portfolios with our Bank

Your assigned responsible Relationship Manager is available to assist you with any other questions you may have. As soon as you are given access, your responsible Relationship Manager will provide a more detailed step-by-step guide for setting up the Portal and providing answers to other common questions.

Are the investment transactions secure?

  • Eurobank takes all necessary measures to ensure the security of your transactions through Digital Banking as well as the through the Wealth Portal
  • The Push Notification needed to login is the most secure way available to authenticate a client
  • Your investment transactions are routed directly to our Trading/Execution Desk for execution through a secure channel