Complaints Examination Procedure

Complaint Examination Procedure & Communication with the Complainant

Once the complaint has been received, the responsible Bank Officer will confirm the receipt of the complaint within two working days, and will indicate the expected date that it will be dealt with, which should not exceed fifteen working days, with the exception of cases that require further investigation. In such cases, the complainant will be informed about the reasons for delay while the complaint is being investigated, as well as the anticipated date for the conclusion of the investigation. At the same time, the complainant may be asked for further information and supporting documentation that may be deemed necessary for a complete understanding and investigation of the complaint.

Following this, the Bank will take all necessary measures for the resolution of the complaint, in cooperation with other responsible units of the Bank, if deemed necessary.

The complainant is then informed about the outcome of his complaint.

Finally, please note:

  • Communication with the complainant is carried out in the manner that the complaint has been received (e.g. by post, phone, via e-mail), unless a specific way of communication is requested

  • If the banking information involving the specific case is of a sensitive and private nature, the Bank’s response will be sent to the customer’s postal address.