Complaints Procedure Steps

For the best possible service, the complaint can be submitted in the following ways

Step 1

Via e-mail:

  • By sending a message to the e-mail address of the Bank
  • Via e-Banking e-mail or with a message via e-Banking.

Please note that, for client identification purposes and the protection of personal data, any form of communication via e-mail must be conducted via the e-mail address that the customer has previously made known to the Bank either at the establishment of your cooperation with the Bank or at a later stage with a document that bears your signature, e.g. account opening documentation.

By telephone:

By speaking to a Bank officer or Head of the Banking Centre.

In writing:

In writing or by submitting the “COMPLAINT FORM”. The previous referred document can be also found at any of the Banking Centres of Eurobank Cyprus.

In person:

By personally visiting one of Eurobank Cyprus' Banking Centres or Offices.

Complaints that are of urgent nature and require immediate attention, like a contested transaction or possible fraud, must be submitted in writing.

The Bank will communicate with you within 2 working days to confirm that your complaint has been received and will respond, the latest within 15 working days. If further time is required, the Bank will inform you accordingly.

Step 2

If following the receipt of our reply, you wish a re-examination of the case, please inform the Bank in writing to the following address:

Eurobank Cyprus Ltd
Compliance Department
Head of the Compliance Department
71 Limassol Avenue 2121 Nicosia

We will re-examine your case and we will reply within the set timeframe, as stated in Step 1.

Step 3

In the event that you are not satisfied with the reply you receive from the Compliance Department of the Bank, you have the ability to direct your complaint to The Financial Ombudsman (of the Republic of Cyprus), in accordance with the Law on the establishment and operation of the Financial Ombudsman on alternative resolution for disputes of financial nature of 2010 (N. 84(1)/2010).

Conditions regarding your rights and procedure with which to submit complaints to the Ombudsman, as well as, details on the specific legislation can be found at the Ombudsman’s website: