Misconduct Reporting

Eurobank Cyprus Ltd operates on the basis of high ethical standards, integrity, transparency and accountability. Our strategic commitment is to safeguard our reputation and clientele.

In this context, Eurobank Cyprus Ltd encourages members of staff and any third parties, to report facts or circumstances that constitute:


  • Violation of the legal framework governing the Bank
  • Other forms of illegal, irregular, dishonest, unprofessional or unethical behavior including among others:
    • theft
    • embezzlement
    • bribery and corruption
    • money laundering and terrorist financing
    • fraud attempts (including transactions or conduct that can be interpreted as indications of fraud or attempted fraud)

The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of the Bank defines the procedures that ensure confidentiality and secrecy for all reports and comments. It also systematically monitors the application of these procedures.

How to report misconduct

email: cypruscodeofconduct@eurobank.com.cy

Eurobank Cyprus Limited

Compliance Department

Head of the Compliance Department

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