Declaration for Issuance of Credit Card

  1. I hereby confirm and acknowledge that I am bound by the General Terms Governing the Relationship between Customer-Bank [including but without limitation the Framework Contract, the Terms and Conditions of use of cards] (“the General Terms”), available at the banking centres and the Bank’s website, and any other supplementary agreement and/or terms and conditions relating to the specific products/services which by the present I am applying for or for which I may apply from time to time, by the content of which I am bound, and the Bank’s Cut-off Times Table, the Bank’s Table of Commissions and Charges, the Bank's Card Charges, Commissions and Interest Table, and the U-Banking Special Commissions and Charges Table (if and to the extent applicable) (the “Commissions and Charges Tables”).
  1. Ι further confirm that I have read and understood the content of the Privacy Notice, which forms an integral part of the General Terms, regarding the processing of my personal data for the purposes of entering into and carrying out a business and/or contractual relationship with the Bank and of my rights in this respect. I understand that the aforesaid document is available at the banking centres and the Bank’s website I also hereby undertake to deliver and/or make available the Privacy Notice to any other relevant person who is a natural person and whose personal data were disclosed herein above and/or might be disclosed in the future and/or notify them of the Privacy Notice, without undue delay.
  1. I also understand and acknowledge that my application will be reviewed and/or assessed in accordance with the General Terms and that the Bank may reject the present application at its absolute discretion and that the acceptance of this application and/or the granting of the credit card and/or credit limit is subject to approval by the Bank in line with its credit assessment procedures (including without limitation, where applicable to the provision of securities in favour of the Bank at the absolute satisfaction of the Bank) and the execution of additional documents on my end in the manner by the Bank.
  1. I also understand that this application and the information and/or details given herein shall apply for my personal account(s) as these are held, from time to time, with Eurobank Cyprus Ltd (the “Bank”) and understand that in order for my request to be finalized and/or properly assessed, I may need to execute additional documents by attending the Bank’s premises and/or banking centres.
  1. I further hereby affirm and confirm my previous authorizations and reiterate that I irrevocably authorize the Bank to charge and/or debit my bank account(s) with all transactions and fees resulting from the use of my bank account(s) and/or the Bank’s services and/or the use of card(s) according to its effective from time to time, General Terms and the Commissions and Charges Tables without prior notice.
  1. With the present application, I request the issuance of a Eurobank Visa Credit EUR Card (“Visa Credit EUR”) in my name and the granting of a credit limit in my name, for an amount, as this will be requested on my end and provided such amount is approved by the Bank, or for an amount as this will be approved by the Bank, in line with its credit assessment procedures.
  1. I further accept and acknowledge that the Bank, without any prior notice, may increase/decrease the daily limit of my credit card and/or terminate the use of the credit card.
  1. I hereby authorize the Bank to send SMS messages (SMS Alerts) to the mobile telephone number(s) held in the Bank’s records, for the transactions resulting from the use of the card(s). I undertake to immediately inform the Bank for any change in the said mobile telephone number(s) and understand that the said mobile telephone number(s) will also be used as contact number(s) in case of any suspicious transactions.
  1. I also acknowledge that the Visa Credit EUR will be collected by me personally by attending one of the Bank’s banking centers or will be dispatched to my attention to the mailing address recorded and/or maintained in the Bank’s records with courier service.
I further acknowledge that the PIN of the credit card will be available through the Bank’s application namely “Eurobank Cy Cards Authenticator” and that more information regarding the registration to the application can be found on the Bank’s website ( Lastly, I authorize the Bank to charge and/or debit any of my bank account(s) held with the Bank in my name with the costs and/or expenses of such mailing and/or courier service.
  1. I further acknowledge that, as part of the assessment process, the Bank may request information for me from external and/or third sources and/or parties including, but not restricted to, the Data Exchange Mechanism Artemis. In addition, the Bank may provide information to competent authorities or other third parties in relation to me and my relationship with the Bank to the extent that this is dictated or permitted by any applicable law, in relation to the operation of banks and the exchange of information between the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union.
  1. I understand that the Bank maintains the right of rejecting this application at its absolute discretion and that any approval of this application does not constitute a binding agreement or any legal obligation to the Bank to provide the above credit card and/or credit limit and the credit limit will be subject to the separate agreements setting out the terms and conditions of the said credit limit and/or financing that will be signed between me and the Bank and any security providers and/or guarantors (where applicable).