Your Upgraded Digital Banking Channels


The new Eurobank Cyprus Digital Banking platform has been customised to meet your demands for a faster, safer, and more effective online banking experience.
Anywhere in the world. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The system is available for both individual and corporate clients.


Easier than ever to manage your accounts.

  • Access your New Digital Channels via your desktop or mobile device easily and secure.
  • Check your current balances and statements of account via an easy to use dashboard service.
  • Customise your dashboard by prioritising specific accounts, and by creating 'favourites'.

We are your next-gen digital banking channels.

  • Execute funds transfers to and from your own accounts and to third parties (including international payments)
  • Execute bill payments (utilities, taxes etc.)
  • Execute bulk payments
  • Use the multiple signatures mechanism giving different levels of access to designated users
  • Copy and re-execute an already processed transaction via the Payments and Transfers/Manage Transactions option

All important docs in one place.

  • View your swift copy for SWIFT transfers and voucher for SEPA or Internal Transfers via the Accounts Tab
  • View internal and external cheque images
  • Download account statement
  • View vouchers for your web transactions
  • Production and printing of IBAN certificate
  • Production and printing of Certificate of Balance and Interest

The features that make your banking experience unique

Eurobank Cyprus Digital Banking Service provides, among others, the following capabilities:

Monitor account balances

Export of balances and statements in CSV, PDF, Excel, QFX and QBO format.

Secure transfers payment

Keep templates of your transactions for future use.

Transfers and Bills

Carry out transfers and bill payments (utilities, taxes, etc.).

Upload Documents

Attach supporting documentation for your web transactions (upload docs on the payment page).

Manage ERB alerts

Customise ERB alerts based on your daily habits (debit/credit to account, account balance, etc.).

Chat securely & attach docs

Send a Secure Message to the Bank with the option of attaching documents.

Customer Autonomy

In addition, the Digital Banking Platform offers the customer autonomy by allowing him to perform certain actions on his own, for example:


Only for natural persons.

Enable access

Reactivate access

Connect Devices

only for Registered devices.

Become a Digital Banking Subscriber


Apply now to become a subscriber and gain access to your accounts and transactions.

New Customers

The registration of new customers, individuals or legal entities, in the bank's Digital Banking Service, is carried out during customer on boarding.


Existing individual customers of the Bank can easily apply for registration to the Bank's Digital Banking Services online

apply now

Legal Persons

Existing customers of the Bank - Legal Entities should contact the relevant Banking Center for guidance and assistance.
Watch our How-To Video Series to familiarise with our New Digital Channels
How-to Video Series Legacy Users Account Activation
How-to Video Series New User Account Activation
How-to Video Series Offline Signature
How-to Video Series Online Payments
How-to Video Series Bulk Payments

Start with the basics

Frequently Asked Questions Digital Channels

If you log in from a Web Browser, you need your User ID, Password, and your Mobile Device to confirm the Push Notification. If you log in from your Mobile Application, you need your User Id and registered Mobile Device
  • Visit the Login Page and select “Can’t sign in”. You will need to enter your e-mail, mobile number (use the + sign before the country code) and Date of Birth for verification
  • Select the “Reset My Password” option
  • A push notification will be sent to your registered Mobile Device for approval
  • Input your new passwor
  • You can use letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Your password must be at least eight (8) characters long and you must use at least one small letter, one capital letter, one number and one symbol

  • Go to the Login Page and select “Can’t sign in”. You will need to enter your e-mail, mobile number, and Date of Birth for verification
  • User ID will be displayed and you can go back to Login Page to proceed
  • It is always advisable to type the URL address of our Bank and then select “Digital Banking Login”. Do not use other links or favorites. Additionally, if you have any doubts at any time, you can check the validity and owner of the encryption certificate by selecting the security lock icon (padlock) and ensuring that you are located at the certified Eurobank Digital Banking website

  • Eurobank takes all necessary measures to ensure the security of your transactions through Digital Banking. The Push Notification required to approve a payment is one of the most secure options of transaction authentication
  • Alerts is an additional way to keep control of your accounts, and we urge you to set up your alerts so that you are informed every time there is action in your Digital Banking and/or accounts. Please select the menu button on the upper left and then select “Alerts” to view your alerts
  • You can set up your preferred Alerts by choosing “Settings”  from the menu and then selecting “Alert Settings”

  • On the Login Page choose “Enroll/Activate Legacy Users"
  • On the next screen choose “Enroll Now” and fill in the required information
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions
  • “Balance” is the money in your account including any pending transactions (such as uncleared funds from the deposit of a cheque), or blocked funds. “Available balance” is the amount you can use to execute transactions
  • The minus sign in a deposit account indicates that the balance is less than the available (overdrawn). For example, if you have an Overdraft account, the minus sign means you have started using the facility given to you by the Bank and the amount with the minus sign is what you owe the Bank. For Cards, the minus sign indicates the amount you have over and above the card limit given to you by the Bank
  • Yes, you can view only selected accounts on your Home Page. Select “Menu / Settings / Account Settings / Account Preferences” and mark as favorite the accounts you want by selecting “Edit” and choose “Preferred Account”. On your home page, choose “View Preferred Accounts” option
  • Yes, you can. Select “Accounts”. The default setting is at “All Accounts”. Use the drop-down list, which shows all Customers you can view and select the Customer whose accounts you want to view each time. Alternatively, there is the option of creating a Custom View
  • Our Call Center is always ready to help. You can Call us at 8008 8822 (domestic calls) or +357 22208000 (calls from abroad). Our hours of operation are Monday – Thursday 08:00 – 17:00 and Friday 08:00 – 15:15. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at or a Secure Message through your Digital Banking
  • Each account has a description e.g. Current, TD (Term Deposit) etc

You can download our FAQ sheet here.

Security Matters

Eurobank takes all necessary measures that are known today to ensure the security of your transactions through the Digital Banking service.